Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Conditioning 3/21/2007

Roller blading. Not too long, probably less than 10 minutes.

Dancer: Went around block, she remembered it was fun. Finally ran, and pulled me, on the long stretch in front of the church.
Tango: Found the entire experience distasteful. Afraid of me on wheels. Trailed behind me wearing a pulling harness that I can't pull him forward on. Did ok when he actually ran next to me and in front. On the long stretch, he did pull. Took him around block and around park to home.

Dancer & Tango together: Dancer still did well. Tango did better when he worked with Dancer, but he still didn't like it. Just went around the block and then down half the long stretch, then turned around and went home.

Both dogs breathing hard. Fun for me. Not so much for them. We'll keep at this a bit and see if they start to enjoy it. At least we got some running in.



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