Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Training 3/21/2007

Tonight, obedience class. First class of the 10 week session. Dancer did the Novice class. Tango kind of did the manners class.

Dancer looked very energetic. Never slowed down all class (is the conditioning working?) Heeling was good, but still having issues with lefts. Her downs while heeling were awful. Stand for exam: flawless. Recalls beautiful. She laid down during the long sits (second session of long sits).

I gave up on the class with Tango--it was too slow. Went to the tennis courts to work. Tango was really ready to work at the beginning. Offering anything. Lots of quick reps of downs, sits, stands, etc. heeling was beautiful. Recalls were fast. Very nice work, but a bit too energetic sometimes. He did nice recalls, off leash, in the tennis court while Legs was working too. Good dog. Did stands for exams. He moved a bit the first one, but did better on the 2nd, 3rd, and was really good on the 4th.

Noticed after about 30 minutes I was losing him. Stopped training after 45 minutes and went home. Not a bad evening for him. He was really thirsty when he got home.



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