Thursday, March 22, 2007

Conditioning 3/22/2007

Training for blades:
Did some training today on "pulling". Put on both harnesses, in LR, tossed treats and encouraged the dogs to pull to get the treat. As expected, Dancer understood. Tango stopped when he felt resistance. He figured it out.

This afternoon, gorgeous day, took Tango out by himself, me on blades, with bait bag. Tossed treats to encourage him to move in front of me. Once we got to Lowell, he started slow running independently. did pretty well, stopped at end of church and went back.

Grabbed Dancer to do both dogs. Tango got it. Dancer and Tango both pulled me lightly around Lowell. Once they got near the corner of Lowell, they turned it on. Went so fast I got scared--pulled them up at the whole in the wall beause I was afraid one would turn in and disaster would happen.

They pulled lightly for a bit, then both kind of gave up near the end of the church. We ran back home, but Dancer was just looking for cookies. Tango actually loped all the way home.

Both dogs panting and tired.



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