Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30

Best of intentions. Time to get back on track.

This past weekend's obedience trial was a train wreck. Start again. Look at the holes. Embrace them.

This AM before breakfast, grabbed chicken and I trained...

Jump to 6 weaves where the he had to go behind the jump and it presented an entrance to the weaves at about 4 or 5 o'clock. He struggles with the weave entrances, but ended up with 3 successful trials. (Bar down on one of them.)

2-on, 2-off on teeter. He's getting it. Still using target. Need to start fading it to make sure understanding is clear.

Did some casual sit stays during the day

Monday agility class: Good dogs. Serpentines were good. Tango is looking for the target at the end of the teeter. Damn. Need to fade that target now. No weaves in class. The table is a bit sticky. He gets there and is casual about laying down. Dancer was really good. Bars stayed up for both dogs. Tango did knock bars if I got too far from him laterally. Need to watch that. Keep the connection and keep close (for now).

Strung them together: crate, teeter, jump, weaves. Beautiful.


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